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Benefits of working for LPVEC include:

Group Medical Insurance
Employees meeting the 20-hour minimum requirement are eligible immediately for health and dental insurance for themselves, their spouse, and any dependent children in the family.  LPVEC will pay 70 percent of the premium for the plan selected for either individual or family coverage.  Group medical insurance is also available to surviving spouses and retirees.

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Voluntary supplemental benefits are available for accident, disability, cancer, and dental insurances.  Group discounts are available for homeowner and auto insurance.  

Aflac Supplemental Insurance :   John Charrette, (508) 479-2700

Colonial Insurance   David McGeary 413-218-5878

Lambert & Pryor Insurance   Auto & Home, Judy Carty  413-739-1192

Horace Mann Educators Corp
Insurance for Auto, Home, Life, Long-Term Disability, etc.

Leave Time
Leave with Pay  is provided for employees on an accrued monthly basis.  Leave with Pay may be used for an employee’s own illness or the illness of a family member.  Leave with Pay may also be used for personal or religious absences.

Retirement Programs  State Board of Retirement   Teacher’s Retirement System MTRS
LPVEC employees do not contribute to Social Security.  Instead, employees contribute to one of the Commonwealth’s plans for retirement.  Employees who work less than 20 hours per week are enrolled in an OBRA plan where they contribute 7.5 percent of compensation.  Teachers and other eligible professionals are enrolled in the Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System.  All other employees participate in the Massachusetts State Retirement System.

In addition, all employees are eligible to contribute to one or more voluntary deferred compensation programs where they can save a minimum of $10 each pay period toward their future financial security.

 403b Plan Highlights

Massachusetts Deferred Compensation SMART Plan


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)  Employee Assistance Program
LPVEC employees and their family members are eligible for services from ESI Employee Assistance Group at no cost.  The EAP is available to assist those faced with personal challenges including financial concerns, legal issues, alcohol or drug problems, marital problems, illness of a family member, emotional worries, child care problems, elder care concerns, and more.  The EAP is paid for by LPVEC and is completely confidential.

LPVEC reserves the right to modify, change, or discontinue any portion of the benefits or policies provided from time to time at its sole discretion and shall strive to communicate such changes to the employees in a reasonable manner.  The description of benefits outlined above are summary statements only and are not intended to be definite.