The next regularly-scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors is February 14, 2018, at 6:30 p.m.   For the full-year posting, click this link: FY18 Calendar   

The Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Corporation (LPVE Corp.) was organized in 1981 and is a separate organizational entity from the Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative. The Corporation has a separate Board of Directors, holding separate meetings and generally maintaining a separate financial system. The current utilization of the LPVE Corporation is the holding of title to real estate to be used for educational purposes by the LPVE Collaborative and/or the member school districts.

The LPVE Corporation is a charitable, tax-exempt educational corporation organized under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The purposes for which the LPVE Corporation was formed include the following:

  • To provide improved education in the member school systems on an exclusively charitable basis through the development and implementation of cooperative educational programs, covering a broad range of educational areas;
  • To receive and administer grants for supplementary educational centers and services;
  • To stimulate and assist in the provision of vitally needed educational services not available in sufficient quantity or quality;
  • To stimulate and assist in the development and establishment of exemplary elementary and secondary school educational programs to serve as model programs.

The LPVE Corporation has no employees and there is no remuneration to the Board members for their service.


AGAWAM:  Brian Burbank

EAST LONGMEADOW:  Elizabeth Marsian-Boucher


LONGMEADOW:  Kerrin  Morrin

LUDLOW:  Charles T. (Chad) Mullin


WEST SPRINGFIELD: Michelle Serafino